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ARCHANGELS can help address caregiver intensity in your organization by strategically designing and implementing engagement and support strategies to have a measurable top and bottom line impact.

The Reality: Caregivers are everywhere, they don't look like what we expect, and most are not seeing themselves in the role.

of adults in the US are in an unpaid caregiver role
are sandwich generation caregivers (caring for both adults and someone under 18)
1 in 4
caregivers are millennials
of caregivers identify as men
of caregivers don't identify with the term

The need for support is at an all-time high. Caregiving intensity is impacting your employees in measurable ways. ARCHANGELS leverages 25 years of engagement experience to engage and activate unpaid caregivers.

The Caregiver Intensity Index™

The ARCHANGELS Platform begins with the implementation of our proprietary tool, the Caregiver Intensity Index (CII). The CII is a web-based caregiver ‘quiz’ designed to engage caregivers, assess the intensity of their current caregiving situation, and provide a score with their specific intensity buffers and drivers.

This score first validates their experiences and then connects them to caregiver resources based on their results. The CII engages caregivers over time and across a spectrum of intensity.

The Reality: Being a caregiver has a measurable impact on all aspects of our health and productivity.

of unpaid caregivers across the nation right now are "in the red"
negative hit to productivity for caregivers "in the red"

Just getting your score reduces intensity. Wanna find out yours?

Analytics and Reporting

The Caregiver Intensity Index also provides:

  • Detailed and actionable population-level reporting on the drivers of caregiver intensity
  • A distribution of caregiver intensity which informs actions on multiple levels

ARCHANGELS partners with you to determine where to newly invest, double-down or refocus program support across your company.

The Reality: While resources exist to support unpaid caregivers, many of them go underutilized. Understanding population-wide scale informs investment in product roadmaps.

lower depression risk for caregivers who feel strongly supported by just one person

Engage the Caregivers in Your Organization

ARCHANGELS can help you design ongoing multi-channel engagement campaigns to shine a light on the caregivers in your organization, recognizing and celebrating the work they are doing and ultimately connecting them to resources that can help.

Chances are, the unpaid caregivers on your teams are not raising a hand for support - even when they absolutely need it. ARCHANGELS helps you build a culture so lush with support that there is no need for caregivers to raise their hand at all - help is just there. And this support translates:

Among working caregivers with High Caregiver Intensity risk, feeling a strong degree of support from one’s employer reduces the likelihood of depression, anxiety or high stress by 19%.

Based on the CII insights into your population, ARCHANGELS works with your team to determine the best resources for support, including taking the programs you already have in place and designing a custom strategy for engaging the caregivers in your organization.

The Reality: Connecting unpaid caregivers with resources that reduce intensity will drive ROI. Focusing on the unpaid caregivers currently least likely to be getting support is an important place to start.

of double duty caregivers connect to resources offered through the Caregiver Intensity Index in just one experience with the quiz

Partnerships with Trusted Caregiver Solutions

“If you build it, they will come” does not apply to supporting caregivers. There are so many great resources already in place that do so much good for caregivers who absolutely need the support, but getting their attention can seem almost impossible.

ARCHANGELS engagement mechanisms can help increase conversions from 1X to 5X and provides Partners with data insights for the population referred to their product or service, informing ongoing strategic marketing efforts, both in collaboration with ARCHANGELS and beyond.