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Resources by Buffers

Buffers help reduce the intensity of caregiving. If these things are going ok for you, or are at least better than the hardest parts of caregiving (we call these Drivers), then we want to support you in getting more of them or shoring up the ones you have. You can always check in to see your top buffers by clicking here to get your Intensity Score.

Knowing what to expect

Managing expenses

Feeling prepared for most situations

Feeling supported

Navigating money and benefits for others

Feeling a sense of purpose

Finding time for you

Taking care of your mental health

Not feeling super manipulated or resentful

Making it work at work

Feeling supported at work


Resources by Drivers

Drivers are the parts of caregiving that are making things more intense. These can change from day to day or stay stuck for a while depending on your situation. Knowing what is driving your intensity can help you get connected to things (and people) that can offer support. Sometimes just knowing how to describe 'what's what' for you can make things feel better.

Not knowing what to expect


Family disagreements

Wondering if you are doing it right

Not having the support you need

Navigating money and benefits for others

Not always feeling a sense of purpose in your caregiving

No time for you

Feeling stressed out or depressed

Feeling manipulated or resentful

Impact on work

Feeling like you could use more support at work