‘I definitely did not sign up for this.
I feel like I’ve been robbed of being able to live my life’
— Carly, Age 38, Minnesota

For too long there has been silence about caregiving.

Reading other's stories can help you feel less alone. 

Sharing your story can help others just like you.  

 ‘Sometimes I can see the gratitude in my mom’s eyes and for a split second I know that she knows me and that I am caring for her like she deserves.’  - Ann, Age 56, Coral Gables, FL

‘Am I allowed to say that what I often hear in my head is myself screaming, “This sucks and I am so tired and I don’t see this ending”? I feel so bad saying that but it’s true.’ - Anonymous, Boston

‘We finally had sex after 6 months of not feeling any love. Helped me remember all the good times and what I love about him.' - K.P., Alabama

‘I have a friend who is also taking care of her husband right now and we text each other everything we wish we could scream at them. Keeps us from actually yelling and has the side benefit of relieving stress- you know, swearing is good for the soul!’ - Sylvie, Age 57

‘We are actually doing the bucket list thing. Every time I help my dad check off one of those things, I realize that this is my purpose right now.’ - Gavin, Age 28, Oregon

‘Sometimes I get so mad at my father because he says the same thing over and over and over again and it makes me so frustrated – and then I hate myself for hating my father, when all he’s ever done is be good to me, and it’s not his fault he’s losing his mind.’ -Maria, Age 46, New York

'Honestly, I'm not sure what to say, it's all just so hard, sometimes I forget I even have feelings, it's like I'm numb to it all. I just see this as going on forever and I'm never going to get out. And it's so expensive, and takes all my time. All my friends have moved on, are doing stuff with their lives, but this is my life now. I think I might be depressed but but it's nothing compared to what my aunt's going through. I do it because I love her and I can't imagine stopping or when she's gone. But yeah, it's hard.' - Desiree, Age 25, Ohio

‘I am so angry that I never come first. I am sure I am depressed but I don’t even have the time to breathe let alone see a doctor for me.' - Doris, Age 72, Colorado Springs

'Drove around for 10 minutes today with the music blasting and the window down. It gave me some energy and put my head in a much better place. When I got home I was able to be much kinder’                                                                   - Margaret, age 63, New Orleans

‘Am I allowed to say that what I often hear in my head is myself screaming “This sucks and I am so tired and I don’t see this ending”? I feel so bad saying that but it’s true’ - Sunshine, Age 88, Philadelphia

‘Remembering this is not his fault makes me have more empathy.' -Jamela, Age 32, Indiana

‘I want to run away. Almost every day I think about running away and hoping someone else can take care of my father. I can’t live with that guilt though so I stay.'  - Dan, Age 67

‘We haven’t connected in any real physical way in over a year. I want my wife back the way she was. Will we ever have sex again? Is something wrong with me that this is what I am worrying about while she is sick?’ - Gloria, NYC


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