Florida Resources


Being a caregiver for someone you love is a great honor..

It’s also a lot of work..

Here are ways to connect with resources where you live…

Call toll free: 844-847-4944

to connect with someone about your caregiving questions and needs.



Specialists are available 24/7 to help with:

·        supplemental food and nutrition programs

·        shelter and housing options and utilities assistance

·        emergency information and disaster relief

·        employment and education opportunities

·        services for veterans

·        health care, vaccination and health epidemic information

·        addiction prevention and rehabilitation programs

·        re-entry help for ex-offenders

·        support groups for individuals with mental illnesses or special needs

·        a safe, confidential way out of physical and/or emotional domestic abuse

The Department of Elder Affairs

1 (800) 963-5337

The Department of Elder Affairs has resources across a wide variety of topics, from housing and transportation to food and in-home care.

Florida Department of Children and Families

 Resources for all Floridians under age 65.

The Rapid Resource Directory for Seniors


AGED, Inc. is a non-profit trust company that assists seniors and/or disabled individuals qualify for benefits, reduce medication costs, and preserve income and/or assets.

By taking your income and/or assets, and placing them into a Special Needs Pooled Trust, they are no longer counted as qualifiers for Medicaid and other govt. benefits. Essentially it is a legal way to shield your income and/or assets, allowing you to qualify for the benefits you need, and helping you to see a reduction in healthcare and living expenses.

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