What’s with the wings?


ARCHANGELS' main goals are to connect with caregivers and thank them for caregiving, and to help connect caregivers to resources that they may not know about.

When we started this project, we discovered that it can be really hard to tell who is a caregiver.  Standing in the Ensure aisle interrogating strangers isn't our style, and besides, ANYONE can be a caregiver, they are all around us, all the time, in all different types of places. We realized that we needed something to help us connect, something fun and meaningful...something that might just carry the spirit of what we are doing. After a bit of experimentation, we hit it: WE WILL WEAR WINGS.

Yup, that's right. Actual angel wings.

And thus was born The ARCHANGELS Wings Project. 

Wearing angel wings is a conversation starter, an instant connection. When we wear the wings, we are providing a lighthearted reason for people to talk with us, and usually the conversation goes something like this: 

"Nice wings..."

"Thank you! I'm actually wearing the wings to thank caregivers for all that they do - it's a hard job and they often don't get a lot of thanks!"

"I'm a caregiver. And you're right, it is a hard job."

"Thank you for all you are doing. There are actually a bunch of resources that exist to help – most people just don’t know about them.  Take this Caresheet and call the 800 number or visit this website – and THANK YOU.  You’re doing a lot, and we support you."

"Thanks! I'm really glad you're doing this. Is it okay if I take a couple to give to my friends who are also caregivers?" 

"Sure! Here you go..."


And what are those CareSheets?


If you read that above reality-based dialogue, you probably caught that we mentioned Caresheets. We discovered that the best way to connect people to resources is to provide them with a Caresheet that has an 800 number as well as our website's information on it. This gives each caregiver everything they need to start finding resources that already exist in their area.


Can I wear the wings?

We’re totally working on it! Let us know if you’d like to be notified about when The ARCHANGELS Wings Project becomes available.