We believe that caregivers are our country’s unsung heroes, that under-utilized resources exist to support them, and that humans are amazing…and we’re working to knit all that together in the form of impact on lives.
— Alexandra Drane, Co-Founder ARCHANGELS


ARCHANGELS is a nationwide effort that leverages the retail channel as a way to identify, thank, and support caregivers by connecting them to the caregiver infrastructure that already exists, but that most caregivers don't know about.

ARCHANGELS has a lot of heart, a lot of hope, and a ferocious commitment to changing the world. 

ARCHANGELS believes that retail is the front line of health.

Our goal is to be the trusted resource supporting caregivers and to reframe how caregivers are perceived and supported.


Alexandra Drane, Wellness Expert, CO-Founder of ARCHANGELS:

Alexandra Drane has focused for over 20 years on using technology to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives. She brings the full force of her experience, vision and determination to address the biggest challenges that we as individuals, as an industry, and as a nation face.

A serial entrepreneur, Alexandra is the co-founder of ARCHANGELS, Engage with Grace, and Eliza Corporation (among other companies), all rooted in a core belief of hers: the definition of health should include “life.” She also works part time as a cashier at Walmart as she believes retail is the front line of health. Alex was named one of Disruptive Women in Health Care’s “Women to Watch” in 2014, and one of Boston Globe’s 2013 Top 100 Women Leaders. She is also an inventor on multiple patents and  sits on the Board of Advisors of TEDMED, the Harvard Executive Sleep Council, and is Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Teaching Hospital. Additionally, she is a Governor appointed member of the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), and part of the Health Executive Leadership Network.

To hear what Alexandra is passionate about, follow her on Twitter: @adrane

Watch Alexandra's TEDMED video and other presentations here: ARCHANGELS Youtube Channel